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"You've reached the voicemail of Kyoya Ootori. Please leave your name, number and your message and I will get back to you when I can."

Address: 1432 Holly Heights
Family: Julius Monrey & Aerith Gainsborough

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Nov. 17th, 2011 12:16 pm
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This will be updated as I think of more things to include.

* Kyoya doesn't really "get" Christmas further than that it's a key period in consumers' diaries. He never really got to believe in Santa as his father and brothers drummed it into his head from an early age that Santa is fake and nothing more than a vain attempt to inject "magic" into what is really just an excuse for consumer excess.

* Kyoya hates being asked to explain basic things that could just as easily be answered by doing the slightest bit of research, for example anything that begins with "What is?" Since telling them to "Just f-ing Google it" isn't really appropriate, he will instead answer with the most standardised dictionary definition he can find.
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Name: Rhi
Are you over 16?: Yep
Personal LJ: [livejournal.com profile] ms_shalimar
Email: malakian_angel@hotmail.com
Timezone: GMT
Other contact: AIM: momentsbtwnsleep Plurk: amazinglystrange
Characters already in the game: Kanji Tatsumi, Terezi Pyrope
How did you find us?: Originally dear_mun

Character name: Kyoya Ohtori
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Timeline: Just prior to the school fair (pre-episode 25 in the anime timeline)
Age: Sixteen
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Nothing magical, if you exclude the whole scary shiny glasses thing that happens sometimes. He does have a shrewd mind and the uncanny ability to know more about an individual than he lets on, usually because he knows just how to play people to make them give him what he wants. Or just when to leave or interrupt a scenario for maximum gain. He's a strategist and a pretty damn good one, at that.

How would they use their abilities?: Largely for gain, particularly financial gain. After all, he's rather accustomed to his particular level of wealth. And yes, he probably will attempt to manipulate anyone he can if he thinks it will be of benefit to him (though only after properly determining risk vs reward).

Appearance: Kyoya stands at 5'11" and has a slim figure. He has black hair, which is relatively short (although the front tendrils fall just long enough to cover the top of his eyes) and usually well-kempt. His eyes are dark brown and almost always framed by prescription glasses. These are relatively unremarkable ignoring their apparent tendency to reflect light really well, providing an ample shield to his eyes and thus his true expression much of the time. The effect, as you might expect, can be somewhat intimidating to say the least.

In terms of dress, Kyoya tends towards a more groomed and almost formal approach even when not on duty for the Host Club, although not in a manner you would expect for the typical intellect. He is also hardly ever seen without his notebook, enough so that it warrants mention under this heading.

Background/Personality: Kyoya was born on November 22nd, the third son to the esteemed Ohtori family. Growing up, he was raised to understand that if he wanted any chance at all of taking over as family patriarch, he would have his work cut out for him to overtake his two older brothers. He considered himself trapped, restricted to painting within a frame already defined and bound by the limitations that came simply from being born third.

As a result of this, he strove for the utmost perfection in all he did. He consistently came top of his class from at least middle school and was nominated class representative. But it wasn't enough; his achievements merely echoed those of his brothers who were more favourable successors in their father's eyes. Rather than accepting this and relaxing, he went to the opposite extreme and shut his emotions away, determined to do whatever it took to earn his father's approval.

He was also raised to believe that social relationships served but one purpose and that was to further his own gain. He thus didn't have friends, merely those who were worth being polite to based on their families and those who simply weren't worth his time or effort. He saw his classmates as opportunities waiting to happen; he agreed to visit one classmate's villa not because the idea of stargazing with them appealed but because the classmate's father would be there and Kyoya was keen to meet him.

Initially, Tamaki Suoh was destined to be just one other mere tool. Tamaki had transferred to Ouran middle school for his third year and Kyoya was under strict instruction from his father to get close to the Suoh son. A quick background check showed that Tamaki was in fact an illegitimate child who was still all but guaranteed to take over the Suoh patriarchy when the time came - at the time, Kyoya was unaware of the deeper issues within that family. However, when he met Tamaki he was in for a surprise - not only was Tamaki an apparent idiot, especially in Japanese culture, but he immediately declared Kyoya his best friend after just two days.

Even so, Kyoya persevered. He agreed to show Tamaki the various sights of Japan but became irritated by the sheer idiocy on display as well as the seemingly casual brush-off when he approached Tamaki for another trip, only for Tamaki to berate him for not studying for finals. The last straw, which would also come to be their moment of bonding, was when Tamaki showed up unannounced to Kyoya's home. When discussing their respective estates, Tamaki let slip that he was by no means guaranteed to take over his family's business and that he in fact wasn't that bothered. Kyoya snapped and accused him of giving up; Tamaki shot back that it was Kyoya who had already given up thus making him the first person to see through the fa├žade Kyoya presented to the world while being comparatively difficult for Kyoya to figure out. Kyoya's sister noted that Tamaki was the first person (or otherwise) to bring out Kyoya's passionate side and indeed, his rare expressions of strong emotion seem to centre around Tamaki.

Nevertheless, the two became close friends and Tamaki approached Kyoya with the idea of them starting the Host Club together. Kyoya agreed and became the club's Vice-President, although it is readily apparent to anyone who spends more than five minutes with them that he is the true power and driving force behind the club. He is the one who takes care of the finances, ensuring they do not go bankrupt (although he does, on occasion, berate Tamaki for being too capricious), and his nod of approval can turn the rest of the group from being against whatever scheme Tamaki has cooked up to actually going along with it. For this reason he is often referred to as the "shadow king" of the club. He is also often referred to as the club's "mother", mostly by Tamaki who sees himself as the patriarch, both because of his role as vice-president and, likely, because he takes care of all the "boring" practicalities that come with running a club like theirs.

Within the club, he is marketed as the "cool type" due to his detached demeanour. His approach with the club's visitors seems to centre around making as much from them as possible and, as such, he almost always has something to sell to them (which the girls readily buy into). He also seems to be the one who maintains the club's auction site where he sells off the others' discarded items. The state of the club's bank balance is his top priority, to the point where he actually enjoyed the three days Honey was unable to eat sweets (which led the rest of the club to abstain along with him) because it allowed them to spend less. Indeed, his primary motivator is gain - he will only engage in something that will benefit him and won't expend effort where victory would be unwelcome. For example, when the others are competing to stay in the same bed and breakfast that Haruhi is working in, he removes himself from the battle simply because the thought of staying there alone doesn't appeal to him, especially with the alternative of his family's cottage.

Kyoya is a schemer through and through and always has his own agenda at hand. He tends to be at least three steps ahead of everyone and at least twelve in front of Tamaki, and will do whatever it takes to protect the club whether that be calling time on a filming session he originally green-lighted (by smashing up the camera, no less; of course, he then salvaged the film and edited it to be salesworthy) or by gathering information on the Newspaper club's schemes by leaving a recording device in their office. It can be said that he approves only what he knows he can be in control of which perhaps explains why the others trust him so readily even when his decisions appear questionable.

Part of this is because he at least appears to know far more of any given person or situation than anyone else. He is a shrewd observer; moreover he understands the power of getting the right people on-side. A classic example of this is with Haruhi's father - unbeknownst to the other members, including Haruhi herself, Kyoya provides Ranka with regular updates on his daughter's welfare within the club. He notes that this role would normally fall to the president (i.e. Tamaki); whether such a responsibility even actually exists or whether this was just a means to further needle Tamaki (and endear himself to Ranka) is questionable. Either way, this allows him to know far more of Haruhi than she tells him, to the point where when she goes "missing" he is the one who knows where she has gone and why.

One thing to note about Kyoya is that he is most definitely not a morning person. This is likely because he tends to be awake long into the early hours but whatever the cause, waking him before he is ready to be awake tends to put him in a vile mood which makes him harsh and impatient towards others to the point where young children are actually afraid of him. A key example of this is when Tamaki and the others drag him to an expo while he is still asleep and then leave him and wander off. Haruhi finds him and is thus given a crash course in just what Kyoya in a bad mood is really like. Although, in fitting with his cool if not cold demeanour, he has a quiet temper - even when he's calling the others morons he does it in a controlled manner. Naturally, this just makes him seem even more intimidating.

Indeed, all of his emotions are controlled to a far tighter degree than anyone else's - when the others are freaking out over something, his expression remains as impassive as ever. Even during the ocean episode, where Kyoya's worry over Haruhi confronting the bullies alone manifests in an apparent attempt to rape her, his actions are cold and calculating. He was likely aware all along that Haruhi would call him on his actions and understand his intent in demonstrating the inherent power he could wield over her simply by virtue of his gender (it's worth noting that, though tall, he is the least "physical" of the entire group). He was also likely aware that Tamaki would find them and that his actions would be the catalyst towards Tamaki and Haruhi making amends (though not necessarily about her fear of thunderstorms).

Ultimately, Kyoya is not as cold-hearted as he likes to make himself out to be or as the other club members accuse him of being at times. Haruhi notes, during their time together at the Expo, that his assistance in calling out a seller of fake pottery had nothing to do with who the potential customer was (which is what he claimed) and everything to do with the fact that, just like Tamaki, being nice appears to come naturally to him. Indeed, while he insists that he is nothing like Tamaki, there are definite similarities and, while not as tightly-knit as the twins or as Honey and Mori, they form a natural duo who balance each other's weaknesses - Tamaki brings out the side of Kyoya that has capacity to care for others as more than just tools and who can help others simply for the satisfaction of having done so, and Kyoya keeps Tamaki in check enough that the club doesn't fall apart completely.

Why should that character be in this game: N/A

Why do you want to continue their history here: N/A

For applicants considering an alternate version of a character already in game, please use this as your chance to explain the key differences between your character and the one already in play: N/A

Have you read up on how the game works?: The guide plug-in is FlamingFerret. Money can be earned through monthly missions, acquiring a permanent job or begging(/extortion/something else that makes it sound better than begging)

1st person sample: Greetings, fellow Thor residents. I come to you today with a proposition which I hope you will find of interest. For you see, it has not escaped my notice that there seems to be a heavy reliance on paperwork around here and I have also gathered that not everyone has the patience or mental faculties to be able to endure such a burden.

Which is where I come in. As Vice-President and unofficial accountant for the Host Club I consider myself amply qualified to assist those of you for whom this paperwork is too much of a burden. Naturally, we would have to negotiate terms of payment but I consider myself to be a reasonable man, so please don't hesitate to approach me on this matter. I assume you are all at least competent enough to know how to get hold of me if you are interested.

3rd person sample: Kyoya sat on a bench within the bustling mall, black notebook in hand as he appeared absorbed in whatever he was noting down. In truth, though his pen was certainly flying across page after page he was in fact a lot more tuned into the surrounding environment than a glance would suggest. Were one to catch a glance of the book (and they wouldn't; Kyoya was always aware of its location and others' proximity to it) they would see copious notes on all he had learned and observed since arriving on the S.S Thor.

Every now and again, he would sense people approaching; one stern look from him was enough to see them back down and walk away without disturbing his personal space. Something he was determined to take advantage of as much as possible because it would be fair to say the accommodation situation was beginning to get to him. The stowaway cabin would seem small enough without the four extra bodies crammed into it. Very much a far cry from what he was accustomed to and very much a situation he held little patience for.

Although of course, there were some advantages. With everyone at such close quarters it hadn't taken him long to get a feel for his roommates even as he had kept himself at some distance. And if he hoped to escape his current living conditions any time soon it surely paid for him to know just how to play the people around him to achieve the greatest gain. Which brought him to now, sitting and observing the hustle and bustle of the ship - not for fun, but for a currency more valuable even than credits: the currency of information.

Questions?: I know permanent jobs, businesses etc have to be worked up to but what's the stance on freelance work as per the first-person sample? Could he do this from the start or would he need to hit a higher wage level first?
Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Yup


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